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Chulmleigh Community College is a highly successful and ambitious rural secondary school with a strong reputation for high standards. In 2017 the progress of our pupils was amongst the best in the region with 1 in 4 grades being either A* or A grades.

We aim to create ambition and inspiration and want our young people to achieve all that they can in a safe, caring and well-disciplined environment. We commit ourselves to providing a learning experience which ensures high challenge, inspires, and provides both the range of qualifications and the start in life which will last forever. We aim for our young people to have the foundation and independence they need to make the progress they are capable of, building resilience for their future lives.

We offer a broad and rich curriculum, enhanced by excellent extra-curricular activities; our outdoor education in the form of Ten Tors and Duke of Edinburgh is particularly strong.  As well as having high academic achievement, we also have a proud record in sport, music, drama and art. 

Further information can be found on our website; find us on Facebook  or follow us on Twitter.