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What Does Integrity Mean To You Essay

The New York-er asked a number of current York University students: “What does Academic Integrity Mean to You?”

Here were some of the answers given…

“Academic integrity means always doing the best you can. No shortcuts.

Michelle Le
Health Policy

“It means giving people credit for their work.”

Ernest Boakye

“It means following the rules – even if you know you won’t get caught.”

Morgan Shuker
Administrative Studies (Management)

“It means being honest and fair to the other people who are trying their best – how would you feel if someone who cheated got the same mark as you when you worked hard?”

Tahseen Mia
Administrative Studies (Accounting)

“It means respecting others and their hard work.”

Sheila Shahrokhi
Kinesiology & Health Sciences

“It means the importance of authenticity in your assignments”

Asmita Pal
BA ’13 – Children’s Studies

Dear editors and friends,

Could you help me with the essay on integrity. Please help me correct any mistake of words, sentences, grammar and give me any structural suggestions.

Thank you very much!

* Integrity (500 words max) - What does integrity mean to you? How does integrity relate to building communities of trust in academic, personal and professional settings? What expectations should Purdue have towards its students with regards to academic integrity? What consequences should students who do not uphold these standards face?

I clearly remember a time when I faced the risk of sacrificing my integrity. A project supervisor from a seed company wanted to win the bid for an organic seed program with government investment. He offered me 10,000 yuan in order to get some inside information from me. I refused the offer and did not reveal any information about that program, because in no circumstance would I compromise my integrity. I believe integrity is everything and everyone should take integrity as one of his/her prime principles all the time.

For me, integrity is surely one of my key values. Especially as a professional in business, integrity is of vital importance in my career. I will always keep integrity as the bottom line of my code of conduct. Without integrity, staffs would be uncooperative in the teamwork, customers would not buy my products or services twice, and my company's reputation would be severely damaged. Without integrity, nothing can be achieved. Furthermore, the higher one climbs, the harder he falls. Thus, the more successful I become, the more I should value integrity.

In a community, integrity plays a very important role since people who have integrity hold firmly to their beliefs, which enable them to act correctly in academic, personal and professional situations. In the academic community, students of integrity will observe academic standards rigorously, exchange ideas freely and improve the social recognition of the value of their institutions. In personal circumstances, integrity leads individuals to understand who they really are, thus they can be honest to their interests and ideal life. In the workplace, integrity enhances personal commitment to the code of ethics set forth by the profession. Moreover, integrity establishes mutual beneficial personal relationships in a community, helps people develop a sense of loyalty and duty, and fosters their professional competencies. In a word, the more people have integrity in a community, the more efficiency and productivity we can have, and the more happiness and trust we can enjoy.

Given the importance of academic integrity, Purdue should expect its students to know perfectly well about what academic standards they must uphold and what consequences they will face when they violate the standards. At Purdue University, it should be expected that all students will produce their own original work and properly cite the sources they use. Also, Purdue should expect their students to seek advice from their professors or advisors if they are unclear about specific requirements of academic integrity. To make sure every student really understand Purdue's integrity expectations, Purdue can add a course about integrity into the required curriculum of every freshman or first year students.

For students who do adhere to academic standards, they must receive adequate education or severe punishment. Specifically speaking, for the first violations, students will be tolerated, however, should receive an effective warning that helps them realize the faults, and be required to retake the integrity course. For the second violations, students will fail their courses and their misconducts will be recorded in the file. In the worst cases, students who commit serious violations must be expelled from the university.