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For the reference entry, input all author names in the order that they appear in the publication -- Author's Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial., -- up until you have a source with 7 or more authors. If you have 7 or more authors, use a comma followed by an ellipses   . . .  after the 6th author's name, followed by the final author's name. For example:

Taylor, J. V., Morrison, V., Miller, S. H., Tyler, S. V., McCartney, J. P., Robertson, J. R., . . . Springsteen, B. F.

      (2015). Collaboration in rock music: My made up title. New York, NY: Fake Publishing.

See the APA Guide below for more examples of citing a source with multiple authors. 

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Annotated Bibliography

A bibliography or works cited provides readers with the author, title and publication details of a source, whereas an annotated bibliography adds a brief summary, or annotation, about each source (book, magazine, journal, etc.). Placed just below the facts of the publication, the annotation describes the content of the work so that future reference to the entry by a researcher will provide essential data.

When writing the annotation, provide enough information in approximately three to five sentences for readers to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the source's purpose, content, and special value. Be sure to use complete sentences and to avoid wordiness.

  1. List the completed bibliographical citation.
  2. Explain the main purpose of the work.
  3. Briefly describe the content.
  4. Indicate the possible audience for the work.
  5. Evaluate the relevance of the information.
  6. Note any special features.
  7. Warn readers of any defect, weakness, or bias.

Shorter Works

Annotations take different forms, depending on the type of source and on the audience. Articles are often argumentative; in these instances, the writer should incorporate the author's position on the particular issue being addressed. The writer may choose to include quotes and/ or references to individuals or to specific experiments for emphasis.

Longer Works

In longer works, the material may often be more referential than argumentative in nature. In these cases, the writer may choose to give a brief chapter-by-chapter sketch or to focus on one or two chapters. The focus of the annotation is dependent upon the focus of the paper.


    Author's last name, first name. Title of Book: Subtitle. City: Publisher, Year. Annotation.

    (First) Author's last name, first name, (Second) Author's first and last name. Title of Book:. City: Publisher, Year. Annotation.

    Author's last name, first name. "Title of Article." Journal Name Volume number
    (Year): Page(s). Annotation.


Article, one author, continuous pagination

Article, two authors, separate pagination

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